Website Security & Maintenance

YourWebPartner’s Security & Maintenance package gives you sleep-at-night peace of mind so that you know your data is safe and your website is kicking on.
It’s working perfectly 24/7.

Website security

What is Website Security?

Website security refers to the protection of websites from cyberattacks.

Your website is stored in a number of files and folders on your web hosting service’s platform. These files can come under malicious attack from hackers, just like any other computer system.

The hacker’s goal is always clear: they want passwords, geolocation data, sensitive information. Anything that can be used for malicious purposes will do, so long as it opens up new opportunities for them!

Hacking doesn’t have a specific time limit; while hackers may only work at night (most likely because their day job prevents this,) there isn’t any definite start time or end date dictated by hacking itself which means any system could fall victim anytime anywhere.

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Why you need Website Security

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Your website is the online shop-face for your business, so it deserves complete protection, both for you and for your customers. 

Hackers are notorious for finding their way into the most secure networks and can potentially access sensitive information that businesses don’t want to be leaked.

A proactive security strategy is necessary in order to prevent attackers from breaching your website’s defences, stealing valuable data, crashing the site, spreading malicious code like ransomware or spamming you and your customers with thousands of emails.

Your Website is Secure with YourWebPartner

Apart from ensuring your website always has a current security certificate, we run state-of-the-art utilities, plugins and bespoke routines to keep your website and its data safe and secure. You need to keep your site up and running smoothly.

Our comprehensive toolbox has everything necessary for malware detection, hacker prevention and server monitoring. In other words, everything needed to keep your site safe from attacks that can destroy customer trust in you as well as cause permanent damage to your revenue-generating abilities.

Keeping your website up and data secure is the ultimate goal of our security service. We employ a fortified firewall, malware scanner, with regularly updated rules to keep you safe from any malicious activity.

We are alerted real-time whenever there is a new risk or threat. We are monitoring 24/7 and we’re set to correct any issues as soon as we are alerted.

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Website Maintenance

What is Website Maintenance?

While website maintenance goes hand-in-glove with website security, there are some differences. Website maintenance is about keeping things running smoothly (as opposed to keeping the bad guy out!)

Just as you maintain a building or a car, you also need to maintain your website. It’s like keeping the wheels oiled.

Customer Experience and Website Maintenance

Actually, we call it UX – user experience. But for you, UX is most definitely customer experience!

When you land on a website, it should immediately draw your attention. However, when you are faced with spammy messages and/or broken links leading to dead pages, the experience leaves much to be desired. This leaves customers feeling annoyed and frustrated. Of course they click away from your site.

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Compare that experience to when you land on professionally maintained website. You are greeted by a smart, fresh website design. You find relevant content easily. You move through the website because the navigation works. You feel happy and satisfied; keen to take the next step towards purchase.

Today, over 80% of businesses compete on UX, compared to less than 40% in 2010. So, it’s as clear as day! Regular site maintenance leads to a much better customer experience. 

Better customer experience leads to additional revenue. Customers are more motivated to buy from you when your website leaves a good impression. One good customer leads to another, they leave good reviews and become promoters. They spread the word and refer you to family and friends. All free of charge!

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Website Security & Maintenance Program

We perform regular tasks for your website on a weekly, monthly and annual basis which ensure complete safety and keeps everything running smoothly.

24 hours a day / 7 days a week

  • Respond to and resolve security threats

Weekly Tasks

  • Update plugins and website software
  • Routine security checks
  • Backup website files and database 
  • Monitor and fix any 404 or 301 redirect errors.
  • Check and fix broken links.  

Monthly Tasks

  • Test and report on website loading speed
  • Analyse security scans, resolve issues 
  • Analyse and report on website statistics
  • Check and report on local search visibility

Quarterly tasks

  • Assess UX across mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Make adjustments where necessary. 
  • Test and update popups, forms, and calls to action. 
  • Restore and review the most recent backup to check your backup health.

Annual tasks

  • Renew your website domain name. 
  • Strategy meeting to review current design
  • Identify website design update requirements